Finding time for a long break can be sometimes challenging, getting a whole week or 14 days for a cruise might be difficult. What you need sometimes is a ……SHORT BREAK with JourneyMan Travels & Tours.

After long hours and week of tedious work, what you need is to take some quick days off and treat yourself to an incredible short break. Lets help you choose a destination or an activity, while we do the planning and searching off you. We have carefully selected top destinations for a quick getaway or a long weekend. Our short break packages are best options to unwind and relax while exploring new cities and meeting new people.

Enjoy your short breaks by visiting the Safari, Historical places in Dubai, Ghana, Rwanda or Gambia, amazingly beautiful beaches in Zanzibar, Seychelles or Maldavies, visit fascinating places in Paris, paved street of Rome, fast paced street of London or go on short adventure breaks to theme parks in South-Africa.